Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chemo Hat Donation

We donated 101 hats to Julia last week.
Please read the email below
to learn about the "Hat Lady"
of St. Thomas Hospital.

The cart at St Thomas is just the St Thomas Hat Cart and I am the Hat Lady. (The family members and patients don't know my name, they just call me the "hat lady.") I go on Wednesdays during the winter and on and off during the warm weather.

If there is a holiday, I try to go. I visit cancer patients all over the hospital. I am there to warm their hats by warming their heads! The cart has a life of it's own and is a conversation piece at times when there is nothing to say. It is a joyous sign that others care about pain and suffering someone else may be experiencing.
It tells someone that they are not alone.

As a recipient, a patient often feels the hat has come from an angel. Often times I will see tears stream from a patient because someone has anonymously shown an act of kindness towards them at the time they needed it most. If you have ever experienced know it can change your life.

The cart into the halls, not driven by a schedule, but driven by faith, hope and love! Please tell all the ladies thank you for powering up the hat cart at St Thomas!

Julia Ozburn
St. Thomas Hospital Volunteer

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