Sunday, October 10, 2010

Size Matters

Over the past several months we have received many wonderful hats!
However, some care needs to be made when determining the size of the hat.
Here are a few that we have not been able to donate because of the odd sizing.
If you are unsure, please let us know and we can help you with some guidelines!
We know that you spend a lot of time on these items
and that you would want them to fit correctly!


  1. Some of the smaller sizes shown would actually fit some older chidlren who need larger sizes. Also, there are larger women that could use these larger sizes. In today's society I would think there would be some place for them.

  2. No, these hats won't fit anyone -- trust me! We've tried them on several heads. Hats have to have a certain circumference which is tied to the rise (or deepness) of the hat. My daughter shown here has a very large head and these large hats are way too big even for her! We have some volunteers that are working on modifying these so they will be of some use. Hate to do double work, but we want to donate everything we receive. But we won't give out anything that doesn't fit!