Monday, February 15, 2010

Hat Maker Extraordinaire!

We have many friends in many places working hard on projects for Knit and Crochet TN. From time-to-time I will share some information about some amazing knitters and crocheters who are major contributors!

One such lady is 63-year-old Beverly from Lobelville. She has had colon cancer, and since her chemo treatments has had weakness and is not able to be very active physically, but her mind is very active. Her blood pressure goes up and down and this presents a problem for her being able to drive. She loves working with her hands and has now made close to 400 hats for numerous charities. She is now working with Knit and Crochet TN and is trying to make whatever is needed for men, women, children and babies She is a huge football fan and works on hats and watches football.

A long time friend of Beverly's, Gayle, drives in almost every other week to deliver hats. Here is a picture of the 60 hats Gayle is bringing to me today.

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