Wednesday, July 24, 2013

State Fair 2013

I’m the Volunteer Department Head for the TN State Fair over the new Spinning, Weaving and Rug Hooking section of the Creative Arts Exhibitions. I’m sending you two letters to pass along to the group, if you will. The first is to see if anyone is interested in coming over and doing live demonstrations during the Fair with me. We’d just be doing what is normally done at regular meetings, only just doing it at the Fair. Bring a wheel and work on any project you want. The main difference would be answering questions for observers.  Monday and Tuesday of the Fair are when the school kids come and I’d love for you all to come up and hang with me to demonstrate on one or the other of those days. It will be so much fun! I’m really excited about the booth space. It’s large, air conditioned (inside the Creative Arts Building, not the Sheep Barn), near the restrooms (no porta potties) and I am working hard on decorations already.

The second letter is to encourage group members to enter stuff in the Fair this year. The Premiums are good and went largely unused last year. There are so many talented members in the group and they do such beautiful work, it’s just a shame not to showcase it at the State Level, in  my opinion.

Anyway, pass them along if you don’t mind and discuss it. Let me know if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Thank you,

Alicia Williams

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big Stitch Video!

               Check out our "video" featuring pictures 
                    from the last 18 Big Stitch events!